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Call waiting feature added in WhatsApp voice calling

Facebook-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp continues to see new features. This year, many such features have been added to this app, whose demand users have been doing for a long time. These features include many features including fingerprint lock, group video call, group admin. Also, now Android and iOS users can also see the Dark Mode feature in this app. The new feature that is going to be added to this popular instant messaging app is really awesome. This feature has been highlighted in version 2.19.352.

Now users will also get call waiting feature in WhatsApp voice calls. Its advantage will be that if users are talking on WhatsApp voice calls then they will also be able to pick up the normal voice calls. They will have a show in call waiting and will be able to choose either a normal voice call or one of the WhatsApp voice calls. In the previous version before this new version, if you are on a WhatsApp call or a normal call, then you do not get the call waiting for a notification. Only those who are calling you have a call waiting for the show.

Will work like this

This new feature of WhatsApp will work during WhatsApp’s voice calls or normal voice calls. When you are talking on a WhatsApp call and you have a normal voice call, you will have a drop-down menu show in the app. In this menu, you will have the option of whether you want to accept the normal call or reject it. If you pick up the normal call then your WhatsApp call will be disconnected. At the same time, if you reject the incoming call while waiting, then you will be able to continue with the WhatsApp call.