Viral video of homeless woman’s soulful song at LA subway makes her the new internet sensation new

  A video of a woman singing opera in her heartfelt voice at a metro station in Los Angeles has gone viral on social media. The one-minute video has been shared on Twitter by the official account of Los Angeles Police Department Headquarters.

She sings a beautiful rendition of Italian opera composer Giacomo Puccini’s composition as she stands on the platform, carrying several bags, and with a shopping cart. “4 million people call LA home. 4 million stories. 4 million voices…sometimes you just have to stop and listen to one, to hear something beautiful,” LAPD wrote in their post that accompanied the video.

4 million people call LA home. 4 million stories. 4 million voices…sometimes you just have to stop and listen to one, to hear something beautiful.

LAPD HQ (@LAPDHQ) September 27, 2019

The video has been viewed over nine lakh times and garnered over 15,000 likes so far. It has been retweeted around 5,000 times and the internet is quite emotional after watching the video. Several others also said in the comments section that they have noticed her quite often while travelling in the metro.

Sample these comments:

She is often at El Pollo Loco on the corner of San Fernando and Fletcher feeding the pigeons

Kelli zehnder (@KelliZehnder) September 27, 2019

I’ve seen her for years on the Metro. I heard her once singing Ave Maria and thought it was a radio at first. Everyone has a story…this woman does too. I don’t know why she’s been homeless all these years, but she’s a human being…that’s all that matters

Kara Miller (@Kara37078289) September 28, 2019

I wish I could help her…I wish I could help so many people…it hurts my heart and soul. I feel she is me and I am her

Kara Miller (@Kara37078289) September 29, 2019

I had notice this lady several times while riding Los Angeles Metro train and seeing her feeding birds on the streets. Never in a million years I would had imaging she has such beautiful voice…

Graciela (@Cielciti) September 28, 2019

Never judge anyone by their cover. What an angel!

Audra Wise (@WiseAudra) September 27, 2019

I’ve seen her on the red line stations.

Marilue (@mar1luz) September 27, 2019

I heard her singing at Civic Center earlier today. It was even better in person.

Miss P. (@PBunches) September 27, 2019

Wow, what a fantastic voice! Just heard about her on KTLA and they can’t find her, don’t know who she is. I hope they do so she can get the singing work she and the world deserve!

Seth Williams (@kbb4ever) September 27, 2019

I have seen her on the trains since 2017. From the voice obviously there is some training there! Hollywood everyone has a story to be told!

Rick Ireland (@News4la) September 27, 2019

The woman, meanwhile, has been identified as Emily Zamourka by NBC Los Angeles. She grew up in Russia and aspired to be a singer. Emily has been singing in the LA subway after she was rendered homeless, NBC Los Angeles reports.

Emily also played a violin but it was stolen. “It was my income. It was everything to me,” Emily told NBC Los Angeles. “I’m sleeping where I can sleep,” she added.

Emily Zamourka was overjoyed after she was told that her opera has gone viral on social media and said that she was “praying really hard” for it.

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