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What Is WhatsApp Broadcast? Why Is It Used?

What Is WhatsApp Broadcast? Why Is It Used?- Hello friends how are you all?i hope you all will fine .  I  welcomes you to our new article. Friends, today we will tell you about WhatsApp Broadcast in this article, if you also want to know about WhatsApp Broadcast, then read our article to the last.

What is WhatsApp and Why is WhatsApp Used? Today every citizen of the country knows about this. WhatsApp is a popular social media platform which is used by crores people, all the people who have a smartphone, they all use WhatsApp. From Using WhatsApp we can talk with our friends, our family, our relatives, make video calls and send messages.

WhatsApp is specifically used for sending messages. Just a few days ago, when WhatsApp was not updated, we had to send a personal message to someone to send a message. 

If we had to send a message to 10 people, we had to send 10 people one by one, but since the technology developed in WhatsApp and updated WhatsApp , then the WhatsApp broadcast system was added in WhatsApp, WhatsApp Broadcast is a wonderful feature. By Using this feature you can send your message to all people personally.

What Is WhatsApp Broadcast ? 

Friends, some years ago when WhatsApp was not so updated, we had to select one by one to send messages to anyone, but WhatsApp Broadcast is a system using which we can send messages to as many people as we want , whatsapp broadcast is same as a group in which we can add all our contacts and when we want to send a message to everyone, we can send a message in this group, that group’s message will be sent to everyone personally.

How To Make WhatsApp Broadcast?

Friends, if you also want to use the WPBroadcast feature, then for this you have to do some settings in your smartphone which given below. You can easily start WhatsApp Broadcast by following the below mentioned method.

First of all, you have to open your WP. Now  you will see three dots in which you have to click.

After clicking on the three dot, many options will open in front of you, out of which you will see one option of WPBroadcast.

You have to click on the WhatsApp Broadcast option and you have to open it.

Now your contact list will open in front of you, here you will see all the contacts saved in your phone.

Now select all the people you want to keep in your broadcast and click on the create button.

Now Give A Good Name For Your Broadcast

Now your WP broadcast will be ready. Now you can send message in this broadcast group after that your massage will automatically send in your contact


This was a small information for you in which today we told you what is a WP broadcast message and how to use it? We hope you liked this information. Stay tuned with us for more similar information. Thanks